3 C specializes in providing comprehensive consulting services on all aspects of building Espresso bars, cafe's and restaurants as well as consulting for existing businesses on improving their efficiency and growth, provide training services and consulting with proven professionals.

We have a wide spectrum of consulting services that are customized to the special needs of each client to avoid costly business mistakes.

We can help you select a better location for your business, acquire equipment at a lower cost, open your business faster and achieve profits sooner.

Our customers vouch that the profits gained in our merit saved them more money than our service cost them.
After forming a business concept and receiving the necessary information we will provide you with a business forecast for you project

We can provide consulting services in the necessary areas such as improving managerial skills...

3C Business & Concept Solutions S.R.L is the first and the only company that has that large range of services in the
Bar images courtesy of Twins Studio